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Degree in:
Economics and Finance
Short bio:
Alessandro Rossi is an operative and an analyst with background and training in finance. After graduating with a Bachelor, he has a second-level Master's Degree in Economic Intelligence. For more than 15 years he has been dealing with that area of non-gov intelligence concerning the economic field whose main purpose is to preserve and increase business competitiveness. Since 2014, he has been taking part in some training projects for the development of the knowledge of corporate Intelligence by papers, blog posts, keeping university lectures and seminars in Italy. His spheres of competence are the structuring of the strategy of corporate intelligence and the impact of innovation on socio-economic contexts, finance, social communication and on the Intelligence analyst's work. He has interacted with companies and people all over the continents, except for those of Oceania and Antarctica. At present, he is the CEO of a SME dealing with corporate intelligence and is cooperating with CESINTES (Centro Studi in Intelligence Economica e Security Management) at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.
My best professional achievement:
The development of a process for a free mass availability of the financial quotations by using teletext technology just before the extensive use of the Web.
My best personal achievement:
Having lived on sports as a semi-professional athlete up to 30 years old.