Nowadays, we hear a lot of news on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it seems that an external entity is taking our role, replacing our intelligence with such entity that assumes independence on us. In this moment where misunderstandings between definitions and applications of AI can arise, it is very important that decision-makers absorb some basic notions to cope with the many offers that use the “AI Label”. In fact, (a) many shapes of intelligence can be identified from natural to artificial, (b) AI areas have been and can be categorized, (c) AI contributions according to areas to generate an “orienteering ability for non experts” can be discriminated. These notions are fundamental to promote and manage a mixed society where humans and intelligent systems act together. In this historical context, it is relevant to remind that (1) a general form of artificial intelligence is still far away, (2) the many shapes of intelligence are a value, (3) AI single technologies can be very powerful but they also need a governance in order to pursue a shared value between societal ethical principles and economic profit.
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