Legal regulation of social life is the result of the connection between different sources of law (acts and regulations, case law, legal literature, administrative practices, etc.) which make up a unitary picture. When an endeavour is made to understand whether and how a certain phenomenon is disciplined by law, what is of interest is the picture that emerges from the collection and analysis of all the relevant sources of law connected to it. As a consequence, understanding of the legal order, and more particularly of specific sectors inside it, can only be attained by retrieving all the legal documents related to the theme that is the object of interest. Legal informatics is a research area dealing with the application of information technologies within the context of the legal environment: methods and techniques to increase the effectiveness of legal searches through electronic means, introducing legal information retrieval as a specific field of legal informatics (i.e. via the application of the science of information retrieval to legal text), constitute a fundamental tool in the decision-making process and trans-national relations.